2025 Semiconductor Supply Chain

[Webinar] 2025 Semiconductor Supply Chain Outlook

Attend 2025 Semiconductor Supply Chain Outlook Webinar for The latest outlook for key segments on fabless, foundry, and OSAT.

The semiconductor market is recovering after a long market correction. IDC expects the worldwide semiconductor market to show 20% YoY growth for 2024, and the Asia fabless market 2024 YoY will be 15%.

The market will progressively show stable and steady increase in 2024 as fabless gradually shifts products to applications including AI, high-performance computing, servers, data centers, automotive electronics, and industrial electronics to diversify operational risks.

Curious about what’s in store for 2025?  Join with Hyphen Deux as IDC’s Helen Chiang, Asia/Pacific Semiconductor Research Lead, updates us on the 2025 outlook for the Semiconductor Supply Chain Market.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • How will leading-edge node/chip-building AI drive the global foundry market?
  • How do key foundry players TSMC, Samsung, UMC, GF, SMIC, and HuaHung among others, implement different strategies to respond to the market dynamic and opportunities?
  • How is China involved in the mature node and semiconductor market and what will their future look like?
  • What is the forecast for advanced packaging in the global OSAT market? What is the demand for CoWoS?
  • How do the current geopolitical dynamics impact the supply chain and the flow of investments toward semiconductors?
  • What are the key challenges and opportunities of semiconductor supply chain in 2025?

Attend the Online Webinar here.

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