Hyphen Deux Projects

Innovation begins with Hyphen Deux products.

Hyphen Deux is at the forefront of transforming Vietnam and the ASEAN region, enabling smart connections for everyone and everything. As the leading Fabless Design company in Vietnam, we continually redefine what’s possible across devices and networks, driving digital transformation and next-generation experiences.

We specialize in designing platforms, chipsets, software, and services that empower product developers to bring cutting-edge technologies to market. Our scalable projects create impactful experiences, from simple to complex devices, supporting nearly every industry at the intelligent edge.

hyphen deux projects internet of things


Introducing a cutting-edge Microcontroller designed to revolutionize the domains of IoT, Automotive, and Industrial Technologies.

hyphen deux project artificial intelligent


Introducing a customized ASIC solution for Intelligent Video Analytics, enhancing surveillance, security, and insights.


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