Introducing the Asterix, a cutting-edge solution that combines with advanced security features, all within a single, low-power design. At its core, the Asterix applications processor seamlessly integrates with the ARM Cortex-M33 Core featuring FPU & Trust Zone, empowering developers to create highly secure, cost-effective, and energy-efficient machine learning applications.

With its rich Analog peripherals, including a 12-bit ADC supporting up to 16 channels and a 12-bit DAC boasting two channels with output buffers, the Asterix caters to a diverse array of needs across Automotive, Industrial, and consumer IoT market segments.

Experience the unparalleled performance and versatility of the Asterix, setting new standards for innovation in embedded systems. We’re eager to dive into deep discussions with your team about how Asterix can meet your needs. Let’s connect for more details about technical discussion and explore the possibilities together!


Asterix – Key Benefits

Ultra-low power design

Asterix is ideal for battery-powered or energy-harvested applications. With a programmable voltage detector (PVD) and rich analog peripherals like a 12-bit ADC (up to 16 channels) and a 12-bit DAC (2 channels), it lightens the load on the ARM Cortex-M33 core, leading to fewer CPU wakeups, and lower power usage

Enhanced performance

The Asterix SoC, powered by the ARM Cortex-M33 Core along with accelerators, Embedded Flash & SRAM, external flash through xSPI, and intelligent peripherals, delivers autonomous functionality. This enables efficient power consumption and enhanced performance, ensuring optimal operation.

Functional safety features

Asterix makes sure your system stays safe by incorporating essential features such as Unique ID and Tamper Detection, which serve as robust barriers against potential hacking attempts. Also, Asterix uses strong encryption methods like AES, DES, and 3DES to prevent both physical attacks and cyber threats.

Asterix – Key Features

  • ARM Cortex-M33 Core with FPU & TrustZone, Embedded Flash & SRAM, external flash through xSPI

  • Rich analog peripherals: 12-bit ADC up to 16 channels; 12-bit DAC 2 channels with output buffers

  • Timers with GPT, SysTick, Low Power GPT, PWM

  • Reset and supply management: ultra-low-power POR/PDR; programmable voltage detector (PVD)

  • Communication with USB2.0, UART/USART/LIN, CAN, SPI, LCD Segment, SD/eMMC

  • Complete development platform with SDK and evaluation board.

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Target Applications of Asterix

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